What is education for you? Is it all about getting good marks on your card? Is it all about standing on the stage and receiving medals, awards and recognitions? Or is it all about preparing yourself to get a good job? To some, this might be true but for me, I believe in something else. I believe that education is all about continuous learning.

Unfortunately, the education system in this country as well as in other continents, no matter how different and unique the system is, is usually about memorization. You memorize the facts and information in the book as well as what the teacher dictates to you. You are constrained in a particular system that allows you to learn according to what your teacher wants you to learn. You are not given proper understanding about how things go. Anything unrelated to the curriculum is not worth learning. Most of all, everyone has to compete with one another. THIS ISN’T EDUCATION! IT IS SPOON FEEDING AND BRAINWASHING!

classroom-learnAnyone who wants to learn should understand things. He or she has to ask a lot of questions. Never be ashamed in asking questions because there’s nothing wrong about it. What’s wrong is not trying to find the answers to your questions.

Memorizing facts and information may make you knowledgeable but that doesn’t mean you have become intelligent. Being knowledgeable is being well-informed whereas being intelligent is all about being able to understand things and deal with them no matter what the situation is. With the current education system today, we would only see a few people whom we could consider truly intelligent.

My advice for those who pursue intelligence is to be brave when it comes to knowing things. Understand and question. Of course, that doesn’t mean you ignore classroom education. What I just want to say is that do not limit yourself to classroom education. There are many things out there that are worth knowing. Just like what the known author Mark Twain said, “don’t let school interfere with your education.”

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