Do you have a teacher you admire? Well I have and she was a good teacher.

She was our class adviser and Economics teacher in high school. For some of my classmates, she is an existence they hate because she is a terrifying teacher who would fail you easily. She does not forgive any transgression inside the classroom. She shouts. She screams. She blurts out profane words when she is angry. She would insult you if you fail in oral exams. She would make very difficult exams and make examination periods hell for you. Most of all, my classmates hate her because she trashed our radio when she was mad at us.

But still I like her… why? I like her because she is a teacher who wants to see good results from her students. She is a teacher who wants her students to behave and become good role models. She is a teacher who would bare her emotions and wouldn’t mind sharing her opinions. She is a teacher who would praise you if you do well and perform well. Most of all, I like her because she is the only teacher I had who showed concern to me. She was the teacher who was willing to listen to me when I have troubles. And she was the only teacher who believed in me while the other teachers didn’t. She saw the potential in me as a good student.

Too bad, I failed her expectations of me because I was not able to earn my college degree because of the certain mistakes I made. Though, it disappointed her when she knew what happened to me, she still believed that I could still succeed – perhaps in a different way.  When she found out that I have become a content writer for an internet marketing company, she was glad for me. She told me that I was able to find my calling, which I believe is true by the way.

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